With SuiteTek Solutions, you can find business-class hosting packages and domain name registrations. It is the brilliant Domain Manager that makes our hosting Control Panel so much more effective than the out-of-date cPanel hosting Control Panel. And not only that – in contrast with the cPanel hosting Control Panel, our hosting Control Panel permits you to administer all your domains, e-mails, files, databases, etc. from one location. Plus, you have access to all your invoices and to a Knowledge Base section where you can find numerous tutorial videos and articles.

Check your domain Availability…

WHOIS ID Protection

WHOIS Protection

When you register domains, you need to provide accurate & up to date personal details for the domain owner. And following ICANN regulations, this info must be publicly available – this means that everybody with the required tools can look it up. However, there is a way to make sure your personal details are protected – with the help of the WHOIS Protection.

WHOIS Protection with SuiteTek Solutions

Using the WHOIS Protection Service by SuiteTek Solutions, you can shield yourself from identity theft, protect your domain from hijacking, significantly reduce the risks of spam attacks against your personal e-mail and noticeably increase your overall domain security.

The WHOIS Protection Service will cost you $7.50/year and can be selected on the order from, when registering a new domain name.

Affordable SSL Certificates from SuiteTek Solutions

At SuiteTek Solutions, you can easily buy a brand-new SSL certificate for your website. An SSL certificate is a must-have for every online store that receives credit card payments and Google shows signs that they have some preference for internet sites with an SSL certificate.

The SSL certificates from SuiteTek Solutions include strong file encryption, a no charge re-issue whenever you need and also a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What are the advantages of our SSL Certificates?

256-Bit Encryption

It would take all the money on earth to build a machine which can successfully break 256-bit encryption. Literally.

A 7-Day MBG

Because of the 7-day money-back warranty, you’ll be able to test our SSLs and request a refund if not satisfied.

24×7 Support

If you need help with our SSL services, contact our tech support team. It is available 24x7x365.